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Taking Charge Of Your Company Manufacturing

A Few Ways A Sheet Metal Building Is Good For The Environment

by Pauline Coleman

If you are in need of a new building on your property, be it commercial or residential, there are many environmentally friendly reasons to go with a sheet metal building. Before talking to the architect or construction contractor, contact a company that does sheet metal fabrication and discuss what it is you need, and how some of the following will pertain to your building.

Saving Trees

A sheet metal building often requires no wood. No trees will be cut down to make it. If you consider the average home takes anywhere from 11 to 30 trees to build it, you will see how much better it is for the forests to go with metal. Along with saving the trees, you will be saving wildlife homes. In addition, more trees mean more clean air to breathe because they produce oxygen.

Energy Efficient

Sheet metal can be coated to reflect the heat from the sun. This will save you on your cooling bills. It can also be insulated to keep any heat inside in the winter. Another advantage is that many metal buildings are designed with a lower profile, there is not is much overhead space that will create an air pocket that needs to be cooled or heated to keep the temperature in the building comfortable.


Sheet metal is recyclable. You can ask the fabricator to use 100 percent recycled metal for your building. The scrap metal taken from automobiles in a junk yard can be recycled into sheet metal for your building. If, in the future, there is a reason you want to take the building down, you can either save the pieces for something else or have it all recycled. There will be no waste, you won't have to haul it to a landfill or burn it.

Reduced CO2 Emissions

The metal industry has made many changes to the way metal is manufactured. It has come up with a way to make sheet metal without putting any CO2 into the air. This reduces greenhouse gases and not only improves the quality of the air we breathe but saves the ozone layer as well.

Metal buildings can be painted or sided to look the way you want them to. You do not have to have a plain, metal colored building sitting on the property. Talk with the metal fabricator and then with the architect and designer to get exactly the building you want and need while staying green.