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Taking Charge Of Your Company Manufacturing

Creating Metal Writing Nibs: How Laser Cutting Can Help Your Company Make Them

by Pauline Coleman

Calligraphy and the study of older writing techniques often requires metal nibs for drawing up ink and holding it while the pen and writer write. These nibs may be very small, fine-tipped, finely cut, and very precise. Are your machines in your factory cutting these nibs correctly, or is there a better way to do it? Actually, there is, with laser cutting. Here is how a laser cutter can make a big difference in the way your company creates writing nibs.

Fine Points and Delicate Ink Positioning

If your factory produces fine-pointed nibs, then a laser cutter can create these fine points with its precision cutting programs. Your fine points will now be even finer, within several micrometers of their old measurements. Many of these pen nibs also have delicately designed and cut ink holders, the spots in the nibs where a bubble of ink sits and slowly drains to the nib point when writing. The precision of the laser cutter can make more intricate and beautiful cuts in the already tiny and fine-pointed nibs, which would then make the nibs very effective and very pretty to the collector and calligrapher.

Perfect Level Cuts for Nib Edges

Some pen nibs do not come to a point to write but rather are cut straight across to create a broader, fuller pen stroke and bolder font. Usually, the step that cuts these straight-across, broad stroke nibs comes after the forging of the nibs when the metal is still hot, or after the nibs have cooled and then a cutting machine slams a blade down and chops off the fine points. There are often some slight inaccuracies with this process, but a laser cutter could do the post-cooling cutting step with virtually no mistakes. The laser is programmed to shear off the tips and hone the blunt edges into the perfect broad stroke writing nibs.

Creating Custom Writing Nibs

World-famous calligraphers, especially those with wealth, may request custom nibs for their hobby and/or collection. If that happens, your factory can now produce these pen nibs on demand. The custom nib designs can be programmed into the laser cutting machine. Then the metal nibs can be cut by the machine to the collector's specifications. This might open up your company to newer avenues of business in the calligraphy nib and pen nib production, which in turn increases your profits and makes the laser cutter invaluable.