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Taking Charge Of Your Company Manufacturing

Using Soapstone Markers in Your Welding Processes

by Pauline Coleman

Streamlining your company's processing and manufacturing tasks can be a simple way to increase both productivity and revenue. If your production activities involve welding processes, ensuring accurate measurements for each weld will eliminate costly mistakes. Marking welding materials in preparation for processing can present some unique challenges. The use of soapstone for your marking needs could be a beneficial way to reduce the hassle associated with the marking process.

Here are three benefits that you will enjoy when you opt to invest in soapstone markers for your weld-marking needs in the future.

1. Soapstone marks are easy to erase.

If your company's end product will be used by consumers, you likely strive to maintain a certain level of aesthetic appeal. Sending a welded item to market with measurement marks is not very professional, but spending a lot of time removing weld measurement marks can eat up valuable profits.

The marks left behind by soapstone can provide a guide for your welders, but they are also easy to erase once they have served their purpose. Using just a damp cloth, soapstone marks can be wiped away to leave the cosmetic beauty of your processed goods intact.

2. Soapstone markers are affordable.

While increasing the accuracy of your production welds through the introduction of weld measurement marks can be beneficial in eliminating production errors, you don't want to spend a significant amount of money on marking materials.

Thanks to the abundant availability of soapstone, markers made from this material are extremely affordable. You can enjoy a significant discount when your purchase soapstone markers in bulk, and these markers are designed to last over many uses to help reduce your production costs.

3. Soapstone marks won't interfere with the integrity of your production welds.

Maintaining a contaminant-free surface is essential when it comes to ensuring the strength and integrity of your production welds. Using graphite lead or ink to create measurement marks for your welders could compromise the quality of your welds since these substances contain trace amounts of metal.

Soapstone has no metallic properties, making it completely safe for use in a variety of welding processes. Even if the soapstone mark comes into contact with a weld bead, it will not contaminate the weld and cause seam failure in the future.

When you understand the benefits you can enjoy by introducing soapstone markers into your production welding processes, it's easy to see why these markers make a wise investment. Talk to a supplier like Soapstone Plus for more information.