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Taking Charge Of Your Company Manufacturing

Have Your Canned Goods Gone Bad? Here's How To Tell

by Pauline Coleman

Many people have canned goods in their homes. In fact, this is a smart thing to do since canned food will often last much longer than other types of food, especially in an emergency situation.

If you are someone who likes to prepare for the future and to save money in the process, you will be glad to know that you can do both of these things by canning your own goods at home. However, whether you are dealing with home-canned goods or store-bought canned goods, it is very important that you know the warning signs of canned goods gone bad.

Knowing these signs could make all the difference in terms of both safety and longevity for yourself and for those you care about.

Rough Handling

First things first, you should always know, when dealing with canned goods, to handle them with the most care and caution possible. Canned goods are sensitive, and if they get dropped or handled too roughly, they could develop a hole, puncture, or other dangerous opening that will allow bacteria in.

Thus, always try to handle your canned goods with care. And, if they have been handled roughly, inspect them closely for any openings or punctures. If you see any such marks, discard them just in case.

Bulging Lids

Sometimes, the lid on your canned goods can be your best clue as to the safety of the goods inside. Take a look at the lid. If it bulges, this likely means that air and bacteria have found a way to enter the can, which is why it has that puffed up appearance. If you can push down on the lid and easily move it up and down, take this as a sign that it is not air tight enough for safe consumption.

Volcanic Eruptions

It might sound a little crazy, but sometimes, when a bad can gets opened, it will erupt into a huge explosion, much like a volcanic eruption. This happens when air and other potentially harmful materials have made their way into the can, causing pressure to build up over time.

That pressure has been trapped inside the can, so when you open it, it sees its chance and explodes. Any volcanic eruptions upon opening a can are a sure sign to not eat the food inside.

As you can see, canned goods will often let you know when they're not safe, at least if you know what to look for. Pay attention for these warning signs and also take care to can your goods properly in the first place to avoid this kind of thing happening at all, and this includes having all the rights products for canning, including a can seamer.